As with most things, this isn’t really a question of “better”, but rather of different needs and requirements. We’ll proceed to describe both products and let you decide which of them will meet your needs to an optimal extent.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

At 10 cm, this stick is larger than most, due to which it draws more power. Instead of running the cable into one of your TV’s own sockets, use the USB wall plug that comes in the box. First-time set-up is a piece of cake. The device installs any available software updates automatically, connects to wi-fi quickly and easily, and (duh) links to Amazon accounts.

If plugged into a sideways-facing socket, the Fire TV Stick 4K will protrude from the edge of many TVs. It can be hard to plug it next to other cables.

Kodi 4K

The best Kodi 4K boxes deliver video to your TV and enable direct access to audio and video streams of every service and format. Not only does Kodi 4K give you the capability to stream music and video over a local network, but the software also features the option to install add-ons to stream from almost any service you can imagine, including Spotify and Netflix.

Almost all platforms support Kodi, including macOS, Android, Linux and Windows.

On the downside, Kodi doesn’t actually make streaming boxes, so users have to find their own device to run it on. Luckily for Kodi fans, there is an excellent selection of 4K Kodi add-ons. And that’s no wonder given how popular 4K movies and TV shows have become. Most 4K Kodi add-ons deliver HD content as well because the full HD resolution is still the hallmark for live TV broadcasting and TV shows around the world.