Although transgender people in Indonesia (called waria) have been part of Indonesian society and culture for quite some time, dating still isn’t completely safe for them or for those interested in them. In recent years, this group of people has faced growing rejection and discrimination, especially from organizations like the Islamic Defenders Front and other Sharia-law supporting groups.

TS women in Jakarta and other big cities have a rocky road ahead, paved by stigma and hatred. Transsexuality was classified as a mental illness until 2011, and militant groups like the one mentioned above have been resistant to changes in the way of tolerance. Many waria turn to prostitution to support themselves due to discrimination at “regular” jobs. Paradoxically, many of those least tolerant of them are among their customers.

Same-sex marriages are not recognized in Indonesia under Islamic law. While not impossible, going out with a member of the community can be dangerous, and people are advised to take safety precautions. On the plus side, sites like My Transsexual Date, which are active in almost every country in the world, are creating a safe atmosphere to get to know and meet trans women here. In countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, the language barrier between local women and foreigners interested in meeting them is quite significant. Dating sites are working to add translation services to bring people close together.

Cyril Mazur, the French entrepreneur who founded My Ladyboy Date and My Transsexual Date, puts Indonesia high on his list of priorities. He has said his websites want to help TS women who are persecuted and discriminated which is the case in countries where being trans is illegal or where society is very conservative.

If you’re interested in dating trans women in Indonesia, it’s important to be aware of this. It’s recommended to meet in a private residence or in broad daylight if you meet in public.

Many trans women face significant challenges in the dating scene. Some users will outright reject them. Niche communities come to their aid, giving them hope of finding the One.

On sites My Ladyboy Date and My Transsexual Date as well as some local sites, transgender people can communicate and get to know each other without feeling judged. More than 500 people sign up for these sites every day, and their rapid growth has been good news for the worldwide trans community. The internet is the safest place to be yourself as a trans person and meet someone who will respect everything about who you are.